The Playground Mafia by Clare Christian and Elisabeth Kent

I received this book from The Britmums book club and it’s been my favourite so far!

This lighthearted read takes a look at the minefield that is the playground at school run time. This pocket sized book with illustrations looks at all the different types of parent that people encounter on the school run.

The thirty short profiles also include a few facts such as….when not in the playground you can find them….. Or what cocktail would they be. In the back of the book are a handy list of recipes for the cocktails they’ve created! 

I saw a bit of some in me and others….definitely not me! It contains great laugh out loud descriptions with a quiz style points system should you be lucky (or unlucky enough) to encounter these individuals

And maybe it provides a bit of a lesson when you catch yourself behaving in these extremes!!

Cleverly written so as not to offend but brilliantly witty and a great quick read! 

If you’ve got a little one in school then you’ll definitely find this book relatable….and if not it’ll give you a smile anyway (and some fab new cocktails!!)

The Playground Mafia is available online and in store with an RRP of £5.99

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