The Visitors Book and other Ghost stories by Sophie Hannah

I’m hoovering through books lately but I haven’t been putting my reviews up (I know, but I’ve been feeling lazy!)

So here’s this weeks. The Visitors Book by Sophie Hannah

I’ve not read anything by Sophie Hannah before and this book is well written and intelligent

I’m not normally one for ghost stories my house is old and lends itself well to creepy stories!!

But This one is a lovely little quality hardback book. The cover is eye catching and the inside cover is designed to look like a visitor book

The book contains four short stories all with a supernatural slant, but I found the stories a bit hit and miss. I thought two were great while two were a bit predictable but they were well written and easy to follow

I’m not sure I’d class them as scary stories but this makes them more accessible to those that don’t like really scary stories like me!! 

It was easy to read and a quick win on the 50 book challenge!! 

Disclosure: I received this book for free.  All opinions and photographs are my own

11 thoughts on “The Visitors Book and other Ghost stories by Sophie Hannah

  1. The cover is attractive, I'm not much of a reader but when I do I tend to read books like this. I'm a bit like you, can't take anything majorly creepy so may give this a try for the holiday I have coming up.

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