The Forgetting Time by Sharon Guskin

A fantastic debut for Sharon Guskin!
If you like mystery and suspense or anything about reincarnation then I definitely recommend this book! It drew me in and kept me turning the pages to try to learn more about this fascinating topic!
“Noah is four and wants to go home.  The only trouble is, he’s already there.”
Intrigued…..I was!
The story follows single mum Janie and her four year old son Noah who starts behaving strangely and manages to get himself kicked out of pre-school.
Janie tries the best child psychiatrists there are with no satisfying conclusions to her sons weird behaviour she turns to a slightly more unorthodox solution researched by Dr Anderson
Overall I loved this book it was well written and I liked the way the author developed the characters as the story developed. I didn’t feel there was a big download at the start but as the story progressed you learnt more about the characters motivations and past, especially Dr Anderson.
The author brought the characters to life without overdoing it with too much fluff and irrelevance and as a mother I felt compassion for the characters especially Janie and Denise with the author pulling you in to there sorrow and angst.
What really impressed me was the addition of the real life historical cases of reincarnation from a book called “Life Before Life” by Jim B. Tucker. I thought it blurred the lines between fiction and non-fiction so that it became more than a novel
It’s a real all rounder it deals with love and loss, grief and reincarnation as well as looking back on life.  I  found it easy to read and follow even when the author moved from one character perspective to another.
I could lose myself in the story and found that I needed just one more page every time I had to put it down.  The author cleverly builds suspense and I loved the topic as it’s not something I’ve ever read before I didn’t know whether it was one for me but it absolutely was!
The narrative was captivating and emotive and the loose ends were neatly tied up in the epilogue and whilst those endings may not have been the happiest in all cases it answers any lingering questions about the main characters.

Highly Recommended!!

Disclosure: I received this book as part of the Mumsnet Bookclub free of charge. All opinions are my own

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