Meet The Author: Travelling Left Of Center by Nancy Christie

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1. What inspired you to write this book?
I had been writing stories for years, and had the idea of pulling a selection of them together for a collection almost 15 years ago. But it wasn’t until I connected with Pixel Hall Press that the project really came to life. In the meantime, however, I had several of the stories published in literary journals, which convinced me that the work was good.

2. What was the hardest part of writing these stories?
I love writing short stories so the writing itself wasn’t difficult. But often I would become so emotionally involved in what was happening to the characters that I would find it difficult to edit the work. Even now, after all this time, there are certain stories that make me want to cry.

3. Can you describe the book in 10 words?
People who can’t or won’t get their life on track.

4. What did you want people to take away from this book? Did you have a message you were trying to get across

To have sympathy for those people who are struggling or suffering from bad choices. Not everyone has the strength or stability to choose the right path — or the upbringing they needed to help them grow into balanced, healthy people.

5. Out of the stories in the book do you have a favourite?
It would have to be “Annabelle.” It took decades to get it finished—a lot of starts and stops. But each time I worked on it, it was as if she was telling me a little more about her life. It’s hard for me to believe she isn’t a real person.

6. What’s your favourite book of all time?
Alice in Wonderland. I have a very old copy that is falling apart and every now and then I will re-read it. It wasn’t until I read it as an adult that I realized she was a bloodthirsty little girl! But I love the idea of there being a place that isn’t this place— a reality that isn’t this reality. I suppose that’s why I write: to explore other realities.

About the Book

D:DocumentsEnchanted Book PromotionsBook ToursUpcoming ToursTraveling Left of CenterChristie--Traveling Left of Center-print.jpgTitle: Traveling Left of Center and Other Stories
Author: Nancy Christie
Genre: Literary Fiction / Short Story Collection
There are some people who, whether by accident or design, find themselves traveling left of center. Unable or unwilling to seize control over their lives, they allow fate to dictate the path they take—often with disastrous results.
TRAVELING LEFT OF CENTER AND OTHER STORIES details characters in life situations for which they are emotionally or mentally unprepared. Their methods of coping range from the passive (“The Healer”) and the aggressive (“The Clock”) to the humorous (“Traveling Left of Center”) and hopeful (“Skating on Thin Ice”).
The eighteen stories in TRAVELING LEFT OF CENTER AND OTHER STORIES depict those types of situations, from the close calls to the disastrous. Not all the stories have happy endings—like life, sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t.
In these stories, the characters’ choices—or non-choices—are their own. But the outcomes may not be what they anticipated or desired.
Will they have time to correct their course or will they crash?

D:DocumentsEnchanted Book PromotionsBook ToursUpcoming ToursTraveling Left of CenterNancy Christie-2.jpgAbout Nancy Christie
Nancy Christie is the author of the fiction collection, Traveling Left of Center and Other Stories and two short story e-books, Annabelle and Alice in Wonderland (all published by Pixel Hall Press).
She is also the author of The Gifts of Change (Atria/Beyond Words), an inspirational book that encourages readers to take a closer look at how they deal with the inevitability of change and ways in which they can use change to gain a new perspective, re-evaluate their goals and reconsider their options. Since its publication in 2004, The Gifts of Change has been released in three foreign editions.
Currently Christie is working on several book projects, including a second collection, a novel and a book for writers. The founder of “Celebrate Short Fiction” Day, and member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors and Short Fiction Writers Guild (SFWG), Christie hosts the monthly Monday Night Writers group in Canfield, OH.
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24 thoughts on “Meet The Author: Travelling Left Of Center by Nancy Christie

  1. Please do and let me know what you think of the stories! I especially love it when readers share their thoughts about the characters and the situation they are in. I'll look forward to hearing from you! (BTW, the book is on sale until end of day today from my publisher!)

  2. Sometimes it's so hard to accept that the characters aren't real… As for writing, the best advice I can get is to not set any expectations. Just sit somewhere (coffee shop, airport lounge, etc) and look around at the people. Let yourself imagine their story: who are they? why are they there? Then start writing down what occurs to you.
    I also have writing jump-starts that I post on my blog ( each week. Maybe those will get you started!

  3. I like the idea of reading something that the author has clearly but a lot of time and effort into, to get it right and Nancy sounds as though she adores everything she does. So I am off to take a look x

  4. It sounds like such an interesting read and I like that the story has a sense of realness to it too, dealing with people who aren't perfect.

  5. Just so you know–the title is the only similarity between the Lewis Carroll book and my short story. Although I suppose one could say both stories are about escaping from real life to a fantasy one.

  6. Thanks so including it on your To Be Read stack! It's the perfect read for summer–short stories instead of long novels that life keeps us from getting through in one sitting!

  7. Thanks! Blog tours are wonderful for giving authors a chance to interact, even virtually, with potential readers. So I'll turn the tables and "interview" you—and anyone else who wants to answer: what do you like to read?

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