Review: For Reasons Unknown by Michael Wood

A crime, mystery novel with a slight thriller twist, For Reasons Unknown takes you through the life of Jonathan who witnessed his parents death when he was eleven. 
Twenty years later and his childhood home is being demolished.  South Yorkshire Police decide to re-open the cold case and assign DCI Matilda Darke to it in order to ease her back into Police investigation after an enforced sabbatical.  As the investigation begins, a dead body is found…
The fast paced story follows DCI Darke’s attempts to get one step ahead of the killer to prevent further deaths – can she solve the case? Can she regain her confidence and credibility as Head of the Murder Investigation Team?
An absolute page turner, this book keeps you guessing.  There are plenty of clues that lead you to reach of conclusion of ‘who dunnit’ but as soon as you do, a twist of narrative introduces doubt.  The story keeps you second-guessing yourself right up to the ‘reveal’.
A fantastic book that I would recommend to anybody who enjoys crime novels – descriptive, engrossing narrative that allows the reader to fully immerse themselves in the story and feel as though they are with DCI Darke and Jonathan as they work towards identifying the killer and solving the crime.

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