Review: Lust by Lola Blake


Lust is the sin that has condemned Linda to spend nine months of her life isolated from the world she knows. 
In 1964 Australia, the world around her is rapidly changing but she finds herself in a situation where the world has virtually stood still. 
For seventeen year old Linda, she is about to discover a dark side of life that she never knew existed. When her parents discover that she is pregnant they leave her at Loxely House, a secluded home for wayward girls ran by a group of strict nuns. 
Among the other girls, Linda is about to discover more about life and the harsh realities that their innocence once protected them from. As her pregnancy moves forward, Linda’s life becomes more and more distanced from the world she had always known. She must battle constant change as the world at Loxely House takes its toll on her and the other girls, friends that she will never see again. Linda’s story is that of her punishment for her sin of Lust, a story that many women in Australia endured in this time period without choices for women who were unwed and pregnant

This book is so much more than Linda’s story! The Author carefully builds the other girls characters even though you don’t even know their second name let alone anything else about them! This book has it all. Romance and running away to defiance and darkness! Once I got started it swept me up in the injustice of it all and by the end I was willing Linda not to do what was expected of her!
The suspense is brilliantly crafted, ebbing and flowing throughout as girls come and go to that horrible place. The story is fast paced and not for the faint hearted in places; a captivating read that I found myself thinking about long after putting down for the day.
I’d love to see what happens to the other girls in this story and understand their lives which is testament to the author’s ability to leave you wanting more.
 The only thing I wish was different was the ending….I felt a little deflated that it didn’t lead where I so hoped it would.  
But don’t let that put you off picking up this book this summer I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! 
Author Bio

LOLA BLAKE grew up in Australia’s Surf Coast Shire before moving to Melbourne to study creative writing. After completing her Bachelor’s degree, she spent the next ten years trying out various careers and travelling before finally deciding on teaching. She is now a full time author and is currently working on her upcoming Seven Sisters book series. 

Coming Home is Blake’s first novel and was written in eight weeks, during a visit to the seaside. Dying to be Thin was Blake’s second novel and was inspired by true events. Lust, which will release next month, is the first book in Blake’s upcoming Seven Sisters series. 

Lola is an avid reader and regularly updates her blog ( with book reviews and news about her upcoming series. She loves networking with other readers and writers and can be contacted at her twitter handle @lolablakes. 

She now lives in Melbourne with her husband and two children and still retains her love for the beach. 

You can find Lola Blake’s novels on Amazon.

Coming Home 

Dying to be Thin 

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the author free of charge in return for an honest review.  All opinions are my own

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