Review: The Return of The Young Prince by A.G. Roemmers

“Humanity has the curse (or blessing) that all human beings are interconnected.  As long as any one of them is suffering, none of them will be completely happy.”

Even princes from faraway planets do not always remain small. Eventually they grow up and – no longer content with their tiny planet – set off once again to explore the universe anew. So the Little Prince, now a teenager, one day returns to Earth and finds himself on a lonely country road in the vast, desolate plains of Patagonia. There he meets the narrator of this novel, who rescues him and takes him on a journey. Slowly the Prince shares the stories of his adventures, and together they begin to explore some of life’s most important questions, taking readers along with them on a wonderful spiritual journey. An inspiring, life-changing book.


It’s rare that a book really hooks onto something in me and steals a little piece of my heart but The Return of The Young Prince has done just that.

It’s a beautifully written and inspiring piece and such a great read for children and adults alike

Don’t be put off by thinking this is a sequel because to me it felt like a standalone, you don’t need to have read The Young Prince (although I’ve gone out and brought it now!) to read this one. Don’t go in with the notion that this is a part 2! It’s not and it will leave you feeling disappointed if you go in with that attitude.

For me it feels like I’m part of a very personal journey for the Author and could really relate to his story.

The illustrations are simple in design yet beautiful and by now you know how much I love a good cover and this one doesn’t disappoint

The writing is so philosophical and beautifully done that I could’ve picked out so many quotes to tagline this review  that I would’ve got in trouble for plagiarism!   

It’s the full package for me and I implore you to go out and read this book.  

I don’t normally read other reviews before writing mine as I don’t want it to skew my judgement of the book but because of the buzz surrounding The Young Prince I couldn’t resist a peek; although some reviews appear not to love this book I felt differently perhaps that’s because I’ve yet to read the original or maybe it was the little bit of soul soothing story that I needed but I loved this book and it will be one of the rare ones that makes a permanent home on my bookshelf! 

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