Review: The Visitor by Brent Ayscough


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Title: The Visitor

Author: Brent Ayscough
Genre: Fantasy
Tasked by the Federation of Planets to determine if Earthlings present a threat as they venture into space, Tak, an alien anthropologist, leaves her starship orbiting Earth and takes a shuttle to Kansas. Intending to study humans in the United States—as she has learned no Earth language but English—she is detected while descending through the atmosphere and only evades capture by fleeing to Europe, where she lands in Poland. There, she meets an international arms merchant, Baron Von Limbach, who becomes her guide. She studies “typical” human behavior by accompanying the baron as he fulfills his latest assignment—to get the Dalai Lama back into Tibet. His method of halting the communist takeover of Tibet is to create a race-specific
Ebola that will only attack Han Chinese, giving Tak a prime example of how barbaric humans can be. However, the CIA and US military are aware of Tak’s presence on Earth and are determined to capture her. And if she is unable to complete her mission and return to her starship—her captain will destroy every living thing on Earth.
A gripping read that will give you shivers about the plausible thought of a race specific act of germ warfare!
You can tell from the writing that the author has dome so serious research into his topic despite this being a work of fiction as the amount of detail he has put into the description of the development of this species specific Ebola strain is crazy!
I thoroughly enjoyed this read and if you are a lover of Sci-Fi then like me you’ll be through this book in one sitting! The author is amazing at building his story and the plot line could almost be real life! A cautionary tale of our future perhaps!!

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Author Bio
C:UsersMajankaAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsINetCacheContent.WordAce best on Indian.jpgBrent Ayscough or Ace, as he is known to friends, retired from the practice of law and lives in a house overlooking the sea in Southern California. He has always loved machines, from airplanes to motorcycles, structural design, and other interests. He has enjoyed the acquaintance of diverse and interesting people, and is widely traveled. Bits and pieces of characters he has known, places he has been, seasoned with the spice of his imagination, help him create unusual stories and characters. Extensive collaboration with experts and sources, hopefully, make his stories credible and interesting.

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