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Daniel Morgan Jones is a philosopher, scientist and musician. In 2007 he became world famous when he founded the Church of Jediism at the age of 20. Since then he has appeared in many national newspapers and Time magazine, and been interviewed by BBC, Good Morning America, ITN and numerous other TV and radio stations. In the past ten years the Church has invited thousands of new members to join every year and follow the teachings of Jediism.  Daniel also has a degree in Chemistry from the University of Bangor, Wales. He is a member of pop punk band Straight Jacket Legends whose debut album charted in Japan and runs the Aspie World YouTube Channel having been diagnosed with Asperger’s in 2013. After a period of inactivity due to Daniel’s many commitments and coming to terms with his Asperger’s diagnosis, the Church of Jediism reactivated in 2017 to help all who join become the Force for love, compassion and peace –   for Jediists to become the positive change they want to see in the world. 

Theresa Cheung ( was born into a family of spiritualists and has a Masters in Theology and English from King’s College, Cambridge University. She has been writing best-selling books and encyclopedias about the psychic world, the afterlife and personal transformation for twenty years and has been published by Simon & Schuster, Random House, Penguin, Harper Collins, Piatkus and Watkins Media with book sales of close to half a million. Two of her spiritual titles became Sunday Times Top 10 bestsellers and her books have been translated into 30 different languages and counting. Theresa runs a popular author page on Facebook.

How this book came to be by Theresa Cheung

Jediism first caught and held my attention in the spring of 2014. Since leaving King’s College, Cambridge University with a Masters in English and Theology I’ve spent close to two decades writing best-selling and Sunday Times top 10 spiritual books and psychic world encyclopaedias. At the time I busy compiling an A to Z of as many world religions as word count would allow for a book I was writing called How to Find Heaven. The idea was to show my readers that there is a very real difference between religion and spirituality and that you can be spiritual but not necessarily religious. I also wanted to introduce my readers to other religions, even obscure ones they might never have heard of before, in the hope they would notice that there was profound beauty in them all and that in essence they all sought or said the same thing but simply expressed their light in different ways. I even included atheism and humanism in my A to Z as it could be argued that they make a religion of their ideas.  

At the end of the A to Z I asked my readers to name their top three religions and then to think about why these three religions spoke to them more than others. I wasn’t being flippant here. I wanted my readers to see how their choices could reveal a lot about their spiritual needs and perhaps show them that one movement can’t satisfy all your spiritual needs and there may be elements in others you are drawn to. Along the way I told them what my top three belief picks were and how my choices had surprised even me – especially as the movement I found myself most strongly drawn to was Jediism.  

Jediism appealed to me because of its emphasis on inner calm, altruism, positive thinking and positive doing. I also related powerfully to the idea of the Force within and around me. I was completely in tune with a movement that was universal in that it embraced and valued all religions and belief systems as long as they harmed no one and brought a sense of personal fulfilment. The light hearted Star Wars connection didn’t bother me in the slightest as I immediately saw that the Force was simply a metaphor for spirit, chi, prana or whatever name you want to give the spark of life that is eternal. Also many religions draw inspiration from stories that stretch the limits of the imagination and aren’t thought to be real but valued because they offer profound life lessons or truths.  

Mentioning Jediism in my A to Z connected me to Daniel two years later. In early 2016 I decided to interview a number of influential spiritual leaders, teachers and experts for my website blog and Daniel was on my list of people to interview. Once again my aim was to open minds to the idea that there are many paths to the same truths. I sent him an email requesting an interview and to my delight he replied and an interview was agreed over Skype. I was instantly impressed by his intelligence, vision, courage, honesty, humour and sincerity as a spiritual leader. During our interview I asked him if he had a Book of Jediist Scripture or church literature as I was curious to read it. He told me that he did have several leaflets but no book. Over the years several publishers had been in touch with him to write a book about Jediism but he had not followed up any of these opportunities because writing a book felt like an almost insurmountable challenge for him. He would also need help from a writer in tune with Jediism and so far he had not met anyone suitable.

At that moment I knew I was uniquely qualified to help Daniel write his book of scripture. First, I’ve been a truth seeker all my life. Second, I’ve spent two decades researching and writing about spiritual growth. Third, I named Jediism as my top religious choice in one of my books and everything about the movement resonated with me. Fourth, I was aware of Daniel’s Asperger’s diagnosis and my father was definitely on the autistic spectrum so I had personal experience of the challenges related to the condition and how best to interview Daniel. Last, but by no means least, I simply adore Star Wars. Always have. Always will. I remember the buzz of excitement attending the original movie screenings with my family in the 70s and early 80s and how I felt like I could quite literally fly into space after watching it. The world didn’t seem small anymore after Star Wars. It became a universe of infinite possibilities.   

Without wanting to sound evangelical it did feel that the Force was calling me to interview Daniel and help him write his book. So over a period of several months in late 2016 and early 2017 I interviewed Daniel in person, on the phone and via Skype. Then with the help of the amazing editorial team at Watkins I got down to work transcribing those interviews into the first official book of scripture for the Church of Jediism – the book available for preorder on amazon and in all good bookshops right now.



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