Interview: Daniel M. Jones author of Become The Force: 9 Lessons on How to Live as a Jediist

About the Book

Daniel M Jones founded the Church of Jediism in 2007, and it now has over 500,000 members around the world. This is the book his fans have been waiting for. In it Daniel outlines the Jedi perspective and provides practical tools for anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of how to use the Force in everyday life. The Force is a metaphor for the universal life energy that connects us all, and it can be both light and dark, good and bad. Now, more than ever, it is our responsibility to overcome the dark side. This book does not aim to convert but to inspire its readers to live a life of meaning and purpose according to the universal spiritual teachings from ‘The Way of the Jedi’.

Become the Force covers:

Daniel’s own fascinating spiritual journey and how overcoming personal struggles has awakened him to his purpose.
How Jedi teachings can empower mind, body, heart and spirit.
A comprehensive toolkit that will allow anyone to genuinely embrace ‘the way of the Jedi’.
Compelling reasons why the spiritual teachings of Jediism are relevant today.
A comprehensive explanation of Jediism as a spiritual movement (a universal desire for self-awareness, spiritual awakening, peace, love and harmony) rather than a religion.
Shows that it’s plausible that the Jedi-minded among us today might usher in a new spirituality and shift in global consciousness towards peace and harmony that is more powerful than any we can possibly imagine.

About the Authors

Daniel M. Jones aka Morda Hehol is a philosopher, scientist and musician. In 2007 he became world famous when he founded the Church of Jediism at the age of twenty one. Since then he has appeared in many national newspapers and Time magazine, and has been interviewed by the BBC, Good Morning America, ITN and numerous other TV and radio stations. Daniel also has a degree in Chemistry from the University of Bangor, Wales. He is a member of pop punk band Straight Jacket Legends, whose debut album charted in Japan. He also dedicates his time to his the Aspie World YouTube Channel highlighting what life is like with Aspergers, after having been diagnosed in 2013. For more information please click here.

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Theresa Cheung was born into a family of spiritualists and has a Masters in Theology and English from King’s College, Cambridge. She has sold almost half a million books and encyclopaedias about the psychic world, the afterlife and personal transformation over twenty years. Her spiritual books Heaven Called My Name (Piatkus 2016) and An Angel Healed Me (Simon & Schuster 2010) became Sunday Times Top 10 bestsellers and have been translated into thirty languages.

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Why did you use The Force as a metaphor for life energy? Is it because it is easy to relate to because of the Star Wars franchise? What problems do you encounter in linking it to this well know idea?

Great question and my book Become the Force outlines why and how I used the Force from Star Wars as a metaphor for life energy in greater detail and the moment when I had that revelation but in brief I have the kind of mind that sees connections very easily. This may have something to do with my Asperger’s but whatever the reason I always look for common factors and being a student of philosophy, religion and spirituality my mind saw obvious parallels between the Force and Chi, prana, spirit and universal consciousness.

What do you want the reader to take away from learning more about your journey?

That I’m not perfect and am exactly the same as everyone else. The only difference being that I have this insatiable curiosity to understand the meaning of life and I truly believe that curiosity and the willingness to learn and grow from both our mistakes and our failures is the path to fulfilment and a life of meaning. I would like everyone to feel that their lives are filled with deep meaning and purpose.

Do you find that people are open to the concept of the Force? What common barriers to belief do you come up against?

The wonderful joy of Jediism and the concept of the Force it embodies is that almost everybody knows about and loves Star Wars so it is very easy to engage them in debate. It isn’t easy to engage people in debate about religion or spirituality as they immediately switch off but that is never the case with Star Wars. The most common barrier is that I’m not taken seriously and people say how can you base a movement on a book. My answer is that many of the world’s largest religions are based on stories that stretch the limits of imagination and which we now regard as metaphors for profound life truths and Star Wars is no different.

With everything in our modern society being challenging and worrying at present what one lesson from the Way of the Jediist do you feel is most appropriate to our lives right now?

Simple. We are all one. We are all united by the universal life force so harming others harms ourselves.

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