Extract: Live like you give a F**k by Nicola Findlay

Live Like You Give A F**K!

The No Nonsense Philosophy for Smart Girls who Want to Smash It!

Boss a bitch? Diet a hot mess? Broke after payday? Ghosted on tinder?

If life feels like a constant hangover why not take five f**king minutes for yourself to decide what you really want. Slam on the brakes, kick off your heels and unplug from the social media circus.

Stop Surviving – Start Thriving

Live Like You Give A F**K will show you how to create the future you want, not the one that’s been shoved down your throat. It will shake and wake you from the hypnosis of modern living. The triple shot of empowerment, confidence and motivation will unleash the badass in you.

Nicola Findlay is the straight-talking, bold, coaching diva who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. If you ask her advice about your lame partner she’ll give you a bitch slap, tell you to raise your standards and get rid of that loser.

She’s your best friend, your enemy, your punchbag and your cheerleader. Some people call her a diva, some people call her a badass bitch but whichever you decide you will get results.

WARNING: If you’re afraid of a few swear words on a page put this book down and go cry to your Mama. I’m not here to offend anyone.  I’m here to tell you how to rock your world, and because I’m so passionate about it I’ll be shouting and swearing from the rooftops.

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Our assumptions, values and beliefs are the way we view and judge ourselves and other people which then informs our outlook on the world. Our unique outlook on the world then influences how we behave, think and act. Some of these influences will be positive and help you to grow while others will hold you back and inhibit you; these shitty ones are called limiting beliefs. We have personal beliefs about all the different areas of our own lives which usually start with words like I’m too young, old, I’m rubbish at, I can’t, or I’m not. We also have global beliefs about everything outside of ourselves such as politics, money, work, relationships and pretty much anything else you can think of.

For example, as a child you were witness to your parents’ marriage. And they may have had a happily ever after kind of relationship, or they shouted and screamed until they got divorced kind of relationship. What you witnessed in that time will have subconsciously influenced your current view of marriage which has now in adulthood become your belief.

The freaking scary thing is you’re not consciously aware of your beliefs and you believe them to be true even if they’re not, so watch out for your own #fakenews. Our beliefs are very subtle and are affecting how we deal with our grown up ass lives and often they just don’t serve us well anymore.

Why do these beliefs even exist? During your formative years you adopted your perceptions, values and beliefs about the big wide world from your parents, carers, teachers, family and just about anyone who influenced you during that time.

Some of our childhood beliefs were designed to protect us; hands up who heard ‘don’t talk to strangers’? Yet others were based on our upbringings, social backgrounds and our carers’ prejudices and beliefs about the world. The things Beliefs 21

they believed to be true. Some parents had beliefs that their children should be seen and not heard. If you grew up in that environment it may influence how you now behave as an adult, you just may not be conscious of it.

Many of my clients have subconscious values and beliefs about relationships, money, sex, what career they ‘should’ do, what they think they’re good and bad at, but understanding this concept is the first step in cutting this crap out of your life and creating awesome beliefs that will work with you not against you.

Knock out your limiting beliefs before they take you in the next round.


Think of a limiting belief like a nasty little bitch that lives in your mind. Every time you want to move forward in life, to stretch yourself or to attempt something amazing and new she is there with her stink attitude telling you why you can’t do it.

Do not pay attention to her, do not entertain her, do not give that bitch the time of day. Starve her ass out of your system because she was sent here on a mission from the dark side to totally fuck you up and hold you back. She thinks she’s protecting you from failure and pain but oh no, she’s keeping you small and from realising your fullest potential. Just when you think; ‘Yeah that’s an awesome idea I’m going to step into my greatness’, here she comes with her negative attitude and backchat, with all the reasons why you can’t do something or why your idea won’t work. And then what happens? You listen to her bullshit and don’t take action.

Don’t get me wrong, she sometimes manages to wrangle her way into my mind when I’m doing something challenging. This is an example of what ‘Sandra’ (yes, give the bitch a name, it makes it easier to deal with her and very satisfying to tell her to fuck off!) said to me when I was about to pitch my audio programmes to an online company a few years ago.

“Oh, so you really think you’re going to get a deal with Audible and Apple iTunes. REALLY?! You?!! You’re a nobody. Who is going to want to listen to what you’ve got to say. No one will care about what you think. In fact, I wouldn’t even waste your time pitching the idea, I’d just give up now and save yourself the embarrassment.”

So, as you can see, it ain’t much fun having a Sandra lurking around. The best thing you can do is turn that bitch into a beast who’s going to make you ROAR!!

About the author:

Nicola Findlay, a former British Airways air stewardess, is a qualified neurolinguistic practitioner and accredited international coach with over a decade of experience. She runs personal group workshops, 1-2-1 coaching and corporate training working with companies such as Specsavers and Stella & Dot. Previously she managed the Brighton branch of Life Clubs where she ran weekly personal development workshops with different themes each week before starting her own company The Coaching Diva in 2015. In 2018 she is planning a series of live events in London and New York including; Attracting Mr Right and Live Like You Give A F**K! Nicola lives with her 7 year old daughter and husband in Surrey, England

Website – https://www.nicolafindlay.co.uk/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/nicolafindlaytcd/


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