Review: Happiness: The Inside Job by Matt Pepper


One thing which every person on the planet desires is to live a fulfilled and happy life. So why does happiness seem to elude so many of us? Are you fed up with thinking ‘I’ll be happy when…’ but who knows when that will be? Are you done with continually changing your circumstances believing this will lead to a happy life, only to find that you don’t feel any different? How can we simply ‘get happy’ when the pressures of jobs, mortgages and relationships are upon us all?

Enter Matt Pepper, who has spent twenty years researching, learning and practising the tools and techniques he has discovered which have enabled him to help his clients live a happy and fulfilled life. In Happiness: The Inside Job, he has collected all of this knowledge together into one place with each and every chapter filled with insights,  case studies and quirky illustrations, which will give a new understanding of how to enjoy life. Matt’s concepts are so simple to grasp and apply, you’ll wonder how you never thought of them yourself! So the question is, are you ready to be happy?

Putting the power back into our own hands and equipped with his Happiness Barometer, Matt shows how you can find your inner happiness and keep hold of it —no matter what is going on in your life. Divided into seven sections, Matt firstly introduces the tools to ‘Fire up your own happiness,’ where we are invited to explore different life scenarios and our reactions to them depending on where we are on The Happiness Barometer. Matt also reveals how we can expose our Ta-Daa, becoming the person we know we can be, by getting rid of any alter egos we may be holding on to —whether it’s at work or in social situations — before moving on to share tips on how to tend to our Emotional Garden in order to create an abundance of positive feelings.

Then, after we’ve weeded out our negative emotions it’s all aboard the Groovy Train of Thought, where we’re taught how to fill our mind with positive and happy thoughts and listen to our gut instinct —because it’s what’s inside that counts. Matt then explores how we can ‘Turn our muck to luck” showing that by changing our mindsets, we can learn how to bounce back from tough times and jump over life’s hurdles instead of getting bogged down in the darkness. Finally he looks at how we can ‘Pimp up our purpose,’ and by following what feels right we can point ourselves in the right direction. By providing tools and tips to gain perspective on whatever life can throw at us, we will find out that true happiness really is an inside job.

A light-hearted and accessible approach to self-development, Happiness: The Inside Job is the perfect read for those of us looking to find their inner happiness and keep hold of it, no matter what is happening in our lives and transform into ‘A Happiness Generating Machine.’


I am such a big fan of personal development books and I find the topic fascinating so when we were asked to review this book I jumped at the chance!

This book is such a vibrant and fun book it completely suits the topic!! The illustrations are on point for the tone of the book and it is packed full of concise hints and tips without the patronising tone that some books in this genre lean towards.

I love that the author illustrates his points clearly with examples from his client base as it really makes this book more than a list of dos and don’ts.  He also brings his points alive using clever metaphors and descriptions backed up by the illustrations.

The book is a quick read….two days in fact…and doesn’t waffle on about the science behind his points.  It’s the common sense voice that we all need to hear without feeling like we’ve been told off!

It’s more of an investment than a one time read and I fully intend to read this insightful book again and again as the author suggests dipping in and out when I feel that perhaps I’m a bit off course on where I want to be or in the “wrong soil”.

If you are looking to get on the The Groovy train this year and pep up that happy talk then this is a great book to help you do that!

Reviewed by Nat

Author Bio

happiness-the-inside-jobAbout the author: Matt Pepper has been working within the health and personal development industry for over twenty-years with clients ranging from artists and film directors, to chief executives and their workforce, civil servants and students. A passionate speaker, Matt also lectures on happiness and wellbeing for medical teams including those at Great Ormond Street Hospital. He loves giving his ‘PeppTalks’ where he shares the essence of this book, motivating groups and organisations from all walks of life. Based between Oxford and London, he lives with his wife Tash, their three children and two cats.

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Disclosure:  The Pursuit Of Bookiness received a copy of this book free of charge in return for an honest review.  All opinions are our own



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