About The Team

 Well who are we?  We are a group of book lovers keen to share the good, the bad and the ugly of the book world.  We all love different genres which make us an awesome team to review your book.

  I'm Nat, a mum of two living in rural Oxfordshire.  I am an avid reader and think that it is important to read well and widely.  I read anything I can get my hands on from adult popular fiction to non-fiction science and self-help.  I'll give any genre a try at least once!



I am the owner of The Pursuit Of Bookiness and it's part of my role to select the best reviewer for the job!


I'm a Mum of two young children with a degree in English Literature with Creative Writing.  I've always been a big reader and have gladly passed the love on to my children.


My favourite genres are romance, comedy and mystery but I'm always open to try a new one.


I believe everyday is an opportunity to learn something new and I love to have my mind challenged.



A 32-year old book-aholic.  A local headteacher, who uses books to escape the world of Ofsted


The other half of The Pursuit Of Bookiness and a lover of all things Sci-Fi and Historical Fiction.