Review: Design of The Spirit by H.R. Moore


The Temples have gone. The energy has plummeted. The world is in chaos.

In the wake of the biggest disaster the world has ever seen, the Rebels seize control. They prepare to put in place a new political system, overthrowing both the Descendants and the Gods.

But with the Relic missing, and no hope of energy stability without it, Anita and the Institution venture into the Wild to find the mysterious Magnei. Can the Magnei give them the answers they seek? Will Anita find out what happened to Alexander? And will they finally find a way to return the Relic, and free their energy from the influence of the Gods?


“Is HR Moore the new JK Rowling?” (The Resident Magazine) 

Praise for Legacy of the Mind: 

‘Finally a book that bridges the gap between the romance of Twilight and the action of the Hunger Games!’ 

‘Fast paced and a real page turner, with the right mix of action and a touch of romance…’ 

‘Drama, excitement, vivid scene settings with plot twists…This story has it all!’ 

‘Fantastic characters and an all consuming story.’ 



I didn’t think H.R Moore could do it but this book is even better than the first two! If you haven’t seen my reviews on the other two books in this trilogy you can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

The author has produced another all consuming story that I read in just one day! My life was put on hold and I could not leave this compelling story alone until it was finished and what a finish!!

The author has an amazing ability to create intertwining story lines without losing the reader.  Watch out for some awesome twists in this final story you really can’t see them coming in the other two books.

It loses none of the pace of the last two books, in fact it heats up dramatically. There is drama and action from the outset and all looks lost when the heroine feels she has lost her partner or was he ever hers? The story continues to focus not just on the political undertone but also on the love triangle that is central (but not all consuming) to the story.

I love that this book offers more background to other characters in the book aside from Anita, Alex and Marcus and it really adds an extra depth to the story; some of the back stories make this story and the author has very cleverly built the suspense using these back stories to bring you to a dramatic climax!

This truly is an incredible story and I am so glad that I came across this trilogy and  encourage you to give it a try as well. You will not be disappointed this is a hidden gem and I can’t wait to see what else comes from this author in the future.





Review: Ahe’ey by Jamie Le Fay


Title: Ahe’ey
Author: Jamie Le Fay
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Morgan is a dreamer, change maker and art lover. She is a feisty, slightly preachy, romantic feminist full of contradictions and insecurities. Morgan uncovers a world where women have the power, and where magic is no longer just a figment of her wild imagination. Sounds like a dream, but it may, in fact, turn into a nightmare. 

The world of the Ahe’ey challenges and subverts her views about gender, genes, and nature versus nurture.

The strong and uninvited chemistry between her and the dashing Gabriel makes matters even more complicated. His stunning looks keep short-circuiting her rational mind. 


This book is fantastic!

There is a little bit of everything in this novel. Love, Loss and a good fight for justice
The Author is a skilled story teller and has an amazing imagination!

Although a fantasy novel it is weirdly relevant to the world today and definitely gets you thinking the author has cleverly weaved in a real life relevance to her story which only adds to its gravitas

A political spin on a fantasy world is how I’d describe this book and I can’t wait to read more from this author

The author

Editorial Reviews

“In this romantic tale, a champion of women’s empowerment stumbles on a hidden–and seemingly perfect–society. A bracing mix of emotionally and intellectually honest fantasy.” – Kirkus Reviews

“A compelling and creative work of paranormal romance. Le Fey takes her characters to places seldomly seen in fantasy fiction that readers will find empowering and prescient. Ahe’ey is a fairly polarizing book. As an example of feminist fantasy fiction, you won’t find much better than this. Ahe’ey is an impressively thought-out story, with many original touches and a fairy-like romance that will deeply satisfy readers of the genre.” Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★ 

“This book is a thoughtful look at empowerment for women. At the same time, it’s a rollicking trip into a fantasy world complete with dragons, love and strength, and ideas that really get you thinking. This book is highly recommended for all ages.” – HUGEOrange

“They’re flawed, real, and honest characters that can be easily related to. Ahe’ey is the kind of novel society needs to read, to create inspiration and to make people think. Ahe’ey is daring, complex, and honest. A must-read novel that tackles heavy and real topics with a mix of serious and humorous, charm and tragedy.” – Reader’s Favorite – ★★★★★ 

“Ahe’ey contains a richly imagined world that raises complicated and timely questions about our own. Jamie Le Fay’s Ahe’ey is an action-packed love story that puts forth a nuanced vision of gender stereotypes, body politics, and the dark side of seeking perfection.” – Foreword Clarion – ★★★★

Author Bio


Jamie Le Fay is the author of Ahe’ey. She was born in Europe and spent her early adult years traveling around the world working in information technology and focusing on her passion: empowering women and girls. Jamie lives in Sydney, Australia where she is involved in a variety of initiatives that hope to contribute to the safety, well-being and education of girls globally. Jamie is an accomplished writer and speaker that focuses mainly on topics related to girlhood, feminism, gender equality, and the misrepresentation of minorities in media and marketing.

Disclosure: The Pursuit Of Bookiness received a copy of the book free of charge in return for an honest review. All opinions are our own

Audio Book Review: The Sparks by Kyle Prue

The Sparks Banner2.png

About the Audiobook

Author: Kyle Prue
Narrator: Jon Eric Preston
Length: 9 hours 14 minutes
Publisher: Cartwright Publishing⎮2017
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Series: Feud Trilogy, Book One
Release date: Feb. 24, 2017
Synopsis: Honor does not bend. A will of iron does not break. Victory lies within the ashes.

The Vapros, the Taurlum, and the Celerius: three dynasties bound by an ancient promise, and given superhuman abilities to protect the city of Altryon from the dangerous world beyond its walls. The Vapros have the ability to teleport and turn their enemies to ash, the Celerius have super speed and the ability to heal from any wound, the Taurlum have skin like steel and godlike strength. Centuries of petty infighting have turned the families against each other, resulting in a secret war. A powerful emperor now rules over all, as the families have weakened by massive casualties.

Sixteen-year-old Neil Vapros desperately wants to become an assassin, to please his hyper critical father. After failing his first mission, Neil learns that a sinister new force has awakened. This mysterious new power threatens to shatter the established order and threaten the lives of everyone in Altryon – regardless of their family name or allegiance.

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This story is a great read about greed, deception and survival! I loved how the author crafted the three families and built each one up whilst interweaving them together so that you did not get massive chunks of story just scene setting. It starts with action right from the first page and continues without
The premise is fantastic and so clever! It also I think has hidden morals around how we build walls and isolate ourselves from the potential scary world around us but without being preachy! It’s a real come good story of these teens coming together to question the feud and work together!
The narration was spot on the gravitas and cadence of Jon Eric Preston suited the story perfectly and I found when he was playing characters his acting skills were on point to unlike some that can be really cringy! I think the narrators voice really adds a richness to what already is a fantastic story and i thoroughly recommend it.

About the Author: Kyle Prue

Kyle Prue is an award winning author, actor and comedian. Kyle wrote The Sparks: Book 1 of the Feud Trilogy when he was just 16 years old. Kyle has spent the past year on a national book tour visiting over 80 middle and high schools and meeting over 60,000 students. Kyle is now a freshman at the University of Michigan, studying acting and creative writing. He still visits schools and is a keynote speaker for conferences.

Kyle is the founder of Sparking Literacy, a non-profit dedicated to lowering the high school dropout rate by inspiring teens to read, write and follow their dreams.  The Sparks has won numerous national awards including Best YA Fiction awards from: The Florida Authors and Publisher’s Association, the Florida Book Festival, New England Book Festival, Midwest Book Festival, Southern California Book Festival, and the International London Book Festival. Kyle also won an International Moonbeam Award and IndieFab Award for Best Young Author.


About the Narrator: Jon Eric Preston

Jon Eric Preston received his Theatre degree from Florida State University after returning from the London program. He earned top honors narrating in the Dramatic Interpretation category on the Speech and Debate team, and performed professionally in Children’s Theatre companies and did National Tours of A Christmas Carol, Twelfth Night, and Othello.

As a SAG BookPAL and a father reading to his two boys for more than 12 years, moving into the booth to record audiobooks was a natural and joy filled progression.
He is thrilled to be narrating and giving voice to the characters for Kyle Prue’s Feud Trilogy.

Interview: C.M Estopare Author of Winterskin

D:DocumentsEnchanted Book PromotionsBook ToursUpcoming ToursWinterskinAUTHORPHOTO.jpg

C.M. Estopare is a full-time author, avid yoga enthusiast, and veteran of the United States military. She is the author of HEARTFELT SOUNDS, a young adult coming of age fantasy about the enthralling power of one young woman’s voice.
KINDRED SOULS is a five part epic and dark fantasy series hitting Amazon and Kindle Unlimited beginning in February 2017. Look out for the first book, WINTERSKIN, debuting February 9th, 2017. 
When not writing, C.M. Estopare enjoys reading about the fantastical worlds in the minds of others. She also enjoys playing around with her puppy,Duke, and adventuring with her husband. 

1. What is the first book that made you cry?
“Little Eye” by Andrez Sapkowski is the only story to ever make me cry, a short story about unrequited love. The ending of the story is what truly got me, because what is sadder than not only not having your love unreturned but dying of smallpox with a broken heart? Maybe my heart is just moved by strange things, but that short story brought me to the brink of tears.

2. Does writing energise or exhaust you?
I’d say it is a combination of both. Writing energises me when I am writing the first and second acts of a novel, but getting from act 2 to act 3 tends to exhaust me. Writing the climax of a novel is exhilarating, but getting to the climax can be very trying sometimes.

3. What other authors are you friends with, and how do they help you become a better writer?
I am friends with a non-fiction author who would rather not have his true name mentioned. He writes writing and editing books under a pen name. Simply collaborating with him, throwing ideas back and forth or having him read a certain part of my work that is really frustrating me, helps me get out of creative slumps and writing blocks. He has helped me become a better writer by telling me, quite bluntly, if something is working or not.

4. How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?
I published my first book about a year ago, “Heartfelt Sounds”, a coming of age fantasy inspired by my travels in Japan and Okinawa. After publishing my first book, I learned that one novel is certainly not enough for the thousands of readers out there. It taught me that finishing one piece doesn’t mean my writing journey is over. After one novel is sent to the editor, immediately move on to writing the next one. And the next, and the next…

5. What was the best money you ever spent as a writer?
Honestly? Headphones. Listening to music while writing helps me deepen my own experience of my storyworld’s setting.

6. How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have?
It’s rumored that in order to publish anything remotely readable, a writer will throw away a good five hundred thousand or so words–so you can probably imagine how many unpublished works I have (fifty or so short stories, two entire novels…). Writing is something you must practice, and sometimes it’s nice to go back and read what you wrote ten years ago–just to see how far you’ve come.

7. What does literary success look like to you?
Having fifty novels out, all selling–at the very least–five copies a day. Entertaining thousands of readers like James Patterson.

8. How do you research for books in the fantasy genre?
I read. Two or three novels a week, sometimes more. Checking what is in the top 100 on Amazon under my intended genre (normally dark fantasy, but sometimes historical fantasy as well) and borrowing some of those books. For a writer, research is ultimately reading. Checking out the intended market to see what is selling and figuring out how to put your own spin on that is also a huge part of genre research.

9. Have you read anything that made you think differently about fiction?
“Stealing Fire from the Gods” is a go-to craft book for me. Why? Because it puts a beautiful spin on the typical hero’s journey and inspires writers to do the same. Of all of the craft books I’ve read (probably hundreds) “Stealing Fire from the Gods” is the only book that has inspired me to see the hero’s journey beneath a different light. Another one would be “The Virgin’s Promise”, a book specifically about the journey a woman (or an “innocent” person).

10. What do you want readers of this interview to know about you and your novel?
I’d like readers to know that Winterskin isn’t just a dark fantasy, it is also a coming of age journey of a young woman tossed about by a world that seeks to own her. This is also a novel for those just dipping their toes into fantasy. While it isn’t a hard read, it is a fast one. As for me, I’d like all of you to know that I truly appreciate feedback and that I am always open to it.

D:DocumentsEnchanted Book PromotionsBook ToursUpcoming ToursWinterskinWINTERSKINCOVERAMAZON.jpg
Author: C.M. Estopare
Genre: Dark / Epic Fantasy
The Path.
Perilous. Brutal. Deadly.
It is said that if a man journeys in alone, he’ll never return and there will be no corpse to bury.
Thousands of lives hang in the balance. Braving the Path is the key to saving them, but their survival is not guaranteed. For the Path is brimming with flesh ravenous monsters and the threat of a sinister presence known only as “the Lady”, an eerie entity dwelling deep within the confines of the black forest.
Escorted by a chosen few, the Chaperon is prepared to move forward to preserve the lives of a mountain town planted deep within the forest. But even in the dead of winter, the dark creatures prowling the surrounding forest remain unsettled and are bent on decimating any who encroach upon their territory.
Katell Maeva, one of those assigned to escort the Chaperon, will have to prove herself on this journey if she wants to be deemed a full-fledged shieldmaiden. But even her unique abilities may not be strong enough to withstand the brutal attacks they’ll face. Can this young woman, desperate to save her own family, complete her mission to escort the Chaperon and lead the convoy to safety?
For her, this journey is more than just a challenge; it’s the key to her future.
A world frozen within the cusp of winter, teetering upon an age that promises the evolution of mortals into gods, WINTERSKIN weaves the consequences of brutal ambition into the personal tale of shieldmaiden Katell Maeva’s growth into a woman bound in a darkening world gone feral.
WINTERSKIN is book one in the exciting dark fantasy series KINDRED SOULS. A fast-paced read, filled with jaw-dropping action, and savage femme fatales, WINTERSKIN is a riveting page turner that is impossible to put down.

Find out more about: C. M. Estopare Here