Review: The Secrets of All Secrets by Douglas Wells


Zane, a seminary and grad school dropout, obtains a USB drive left by a cloaked figure on a bridge in the middle of the night. Zane opens it, and a message offers him The Secrets of All Secrets. Such an offer is tantalizing, and Zane has nothing left to lose. The USB directs Zane to Florida where he encounters poor waitress Dali, who received an identical USB. Initially clashing, they band together, taking a chance that The Secrets are genuine as they receive more instructions from the USBs.

Four oddball government operatives, an extremely tall corporate executive with an extremely short, scholarly hit man in tow, and two crackbrained, fringe-element, anti-government separatists are after The Secrets, and are all willing to kill to get them. Zane, Dali, and their pursuers encounter an armadillo festival, visit a nudist resort, and hang out with a presumed dead 60s rocker. Pandemonium occurs at each venue, with Zane and Dali one step ahead of everyone until all parties convene for a climactic confrontation over The Secrets.


The Secrets of All Secrets is an uproarious jab at government, corporate, and fanatical entities and a wild, comedic ride that ridicules the lust for supremacy.


A real comedy caper this book had me chuckling from start to finish!

The author draws you a long on a modern day treasure hunt for the ultimate treasure! Zane and Dali pursue The Secrets of All Secrets with three sets of hapless yet dangerous tailgaters in the most amusing way! Not flustered by the danger they are in they encounter and converse with their trackers throughout the story whilst always trying to stay one step ahead to evade them.

The story is a tongue in cheek jab at the government, the extremists and corporations of America that will have you giggling to yourself throughout and the authors ability to make you warm to the hapless pursuers just adds to the light hardhearted comedy of the book.

I found the dialogue to be quick witted and smart and Well’s ability to build solid characters is evident throughout! He is a talented storyteller and his scene building in Florida was a clever move due to the diverse nature of the state.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and it is difficult to write a more detailed account of the plot without giving away some of the comedy of the story so I will let you explore that for yourself but just know this…If you want a good chuckle at the establishment during our current gloomy times then there is no more fitting read than this!


Author Bio

Douglas Wells is a Professor of English at Gulf Coast State College in Panama City, Florida.  He is the father of two grown sons and he lives with his wife and two cats in Panama City Beach.




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